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Twenty-one Questions for Mr Snicket and Mr Handler

An email I recieved this morning. Be advised that its contents may cause you to squeal madly and run around the room, either in fright or glee.

Dear Unfortunate Fan,

You are invited to the innest party in town!

667 Dark Avenue invites you to participate in the greatest online Lemony Snicket event in Unfortunate history. It begins… right now.

In honor of 667 Dark Avenue’s Fifth Anniversary (June 22), the forum has been granted a rare opportunity to communicate with Lemony Snicket himself. Mr. Snicket and his legal representative, Daniel Handler, have agreed to answer twenty-one questions posted by the members of 667. In order to create the most clever and compelling questionnaire possible, we hope the entire online community of Unfortunate Events fans will contribute by submitting their best question at Dark Avenue.

Each registered user of 667 Dark Avenue is entitled to submit one question. Twenty winning questions will be referred to Daniel Handler, and the best question of all will make its way to Lemony Snicket. We will be considering questions from now through Monday, June 25. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Handler and Mr. Snicket’s answers will be posted on 667 Dark Avenue, and the one lucky winner will receive a hand-written reply to his or her question by Mr. Snicket himself. Consolation prizes will be sent to the writers of the other winning questions.

Post your question at this location:

In addition, we have set up many challenges and festivities in honor of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Fabulous prizes will be given to contest winners, including a first edition copy of The Bad Beginning, signed copies of The Grim Grotto, bookplates stamped and dated by Lemony Snicket, and much more. Our contests are designed to reward the most talented and devoted fans. Submissions will be accepted through the weekend.

Here is an outline of our events:

Day 1: Wednesday, June 20
Theme: Punctilio Day (Stretch the truth... Or throw it out completely!)
Contest: Snicket Writing Competition (submit your Snicket songs, stories, letters, articles, etc.)
Grand Prize: The Grim Grotto signed by Lemony Snicket
Runner-up: 1,000 Posts

Day 2: Thursday, June 21
Theme: Carnival (667 is a freakshow!)
Contest: Snicket Visuals Competition (submit your Unfortunate videos, photos, drawings, graphics, collages, etc.)
Grand Prize: The Grim Grotto signed by Lemony Snicket
Runner-up: Custom Title

Day 3: Friday, June 22
Theme: 667 Dark Avenue (Are you in or out?)
Contest: The In Auction (Can you beat the odds and win the right lot?)
Grand Prize: The Grim Grotto signed by Lemony Snicket

Day 4: Saturday, June 23
Theme: Pessimism (This theme day won't even be worth attending…)
Contest: Trivia (Put your Snicket knowledge to the ultimate test. Quiz compiled by Gigi).
Grand Prize: First edition copy of The Bad Beginning,
Runner-up: The Grim Grotto signed by Lemony Snicket

Day 5: Sunday, June 24
Theme: V.F.D. (Volunteer, Villain, Volatile. Fires, Fortunes, Frustration. Disguises, Discretion, Disaster!)
Contest: Masquerade (There is a mystery to be solve at Dark Avenue…)
Grand Prize: The Grim Grotto signed by Lemony Snicket
Runner-up: Administrator-for-a-day

The contests and the 21 Questions thread can be found here:

The contests open on the listed date; they will close on Sunday evening, June 24. Please submit your entries before that date.

As fans, we are bound together in our love for Lemony Snicket's deliciously dark tales and our despair in the unfortunate events surrounding the tragic lives of the Baudelaire orphans. We are all volunteers in an increasingly volatile world. Even if you are not enticed by celebration and prize-winning of any form, this will be a good opportunity to meet more fans like you and discuss the Series.

We hope to see you there. Kindly forward this information to any other Snicket resources you are aware of - websites, forums and blogs, both big and small. It is our duty to spread the word, because this will truly be an epic, once-in-a-lifetime fan event. No one should miss this opportunity to have your burning question answered by “the man behind the story behind the orphans.”

For further information, please visit

Don't forget to bring your valuables,


P.S. The doorman tells me that the elevator is out. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.
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