Kitya Karlson (kitya) wrote in danielhandler,
Kitya Karlson


Slowly progressing to the end of the end of my rope I still do have one question in mind: “Do children really deserve to suffer?”

I was born in Russia and in Russia we say that young children are like angels, since, being young, they haven’t yet got a chance to sin in this world, and so are loved by God as most pure of men.

Now I’m living in Japan for a really long time, and it is now not the first time that I notice: Japanese culture does have references to unfortunate events. And you know what? In Japan people do believe that babies who die unborn or very young go to hell for endless suffering. Why is that? Because those children sinned in causing great pain to their unfortunate parents by dying before their duties to their parents are done. How this applies to aborted babies I don’t really know, but aborted babies do go to hell in Japan too. There they are made to suffer endlessly by trying to build piles of heavy rocks (home?), and their piles do constantly get hampered by an evil demon.

Could that be that, in truth, the trio actually died with their parents in a terrible fire, got to hell for this sin, and now have to suffer forever from a terrible demon of Count Olaf?

No, it could not be so, but the analogy seems interesting for investigation.
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