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Yesterday I went to up Cleveland from Columbus (nearly 3 hours) for the book signing up there and it was completely worth the trip! The performance of the Gothic Archives was $1 but they were sold out of book signing tickets, which I didn't know we needed until we got there. But a kind soul had an extra one (I guess one of his kids didn't want to go) so he gave it to me.

He seemed kind of surprised when he saw that the book I had him sign wasn't a Lemony Snicket book. "Wow, you have a book I actually wrote! How did you know I would be here?"
It was fantastic. :)

Those are my favorite pics but all of them are up at my page here: http://www.heroine-dreams.com/gallery/GothicArchives11.16.06/2.html

sorry... there are about a million of them... I'm used to taking pictures at rock shows where I'll shoot like 500 a night... oops.

(note: I'm 23. Though I think there were a few other fans (who weren't parents) who were my age or older... but not too many)
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